Joe is a technology and science enthusiast. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut and his graduate degree from National Insitute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. He is currently pursuing MBA at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. He has also served on various program committees and addressed numerous academic and non-academic conferences.

His current research and interest focus on the economics of the technology especially Social Media, Big Data, Internet, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. He has focused on several applications including internet search, online advertising, news media, and virtual currency. He has been instrumental in setting up product platform for 5nance, the leading financial planning and inclusion product platform in India. He has overseen the product development and channel development and has been the architect behind implementing the cutting-edge product and technology solutions for 5nance.

At his family business engagement with Cromatica, he rolled out various first in the industry initiatives such as product delivery tracking and lifetime warranty of 25 years through innovative product development. Through his numerous initiatives on the process side, he could achieve dramatic productivity and performance improvements and thus catapult Cromatica to a leading stainless steel lifestyle brand in India.

He had been a veteran Citibanker. He was the product manager for Citibank Online in its infancy and was instrumental in developing the internet banking strategy for Citi. He had rolled out strategic initiatives for early internet banking such Real Time Gross Settlement, Overseas Remittance Platform, Multi-Factor Authentication and load balanced, proximity routed Internet complex. Later he moved to set up the product and research division of Salomon Smith Barney in India. During his tenure with Citi, he was been part of Citi Investment Labs, Citi Private banking, Citigroup Global Markets and Citi Global Investment Consulting Team.

At his stint in Citi, he was awarded Citi Asia Pacific Client Excellence Award and got nominated for the Citigroup Asia Pacific Leadership program and Economic Times Young Leader Award.

He had authored articles in leading industry magazines and invited for speeches in various international conferences such as Supply Chain Australia and Energy Management England

He has a working knowledge of five languages. He is an avid flying enthusiast and ardent shooter. He is an alumnus of the premier Italian Design Insitute Istituti Callegari Milano.