Grey Matter Dialogues

The world of science has always intrigued me from the day on which I started to think. The fascinations of life and death and the path in between them has always been thought to provoke for me. This fascination has driven me to such an extent to deliver such a humble representation of discovering the economics of outlier scientific concepts and dimensions that changed the way the man lives.

My belief in the economics comes right from the times when human being started from the discovery of the nature to satisfy his hunger. From the ancient times in which he hunted for food using his primitive tools and organized hunting in groups. From the ancient tools that he used in the stone age to the new age inventions in the information age exemplifies his achievements and each of these inventions or discoveries provide a whole bunch of economic sense. In this book, I would try to do a qualitative analysis of various leaps of novel ideas of science that have contributed to a huge economic value for the mankind.

We cannot treat any leap of science just in its value in science, but also in its uniqueness, age in which the human race had made the progress, the value the invention creates in the current society or in the society in which the invention was made and an economic sense of the inventions. From the stone age times when the human beings started using the numbers for all practical purposes of living till the latest era of the human genome, the transformation of science has been through the various interpretation and observations of scientific data. The book discusses the economics of science and technology of what we see in our daily life.

Right from the food that we eat on a daily basis to the volume of data that’s being generated on the web, I have tried to give a diverse perspective to the knowledge that we have earned over years.